About the Project

Be a part of XRP History!

The idea of the Million Pixel XRP wall is to unite people and projects to engrave their pixels for future generations and beyond!

A total of 1 million pixels are on the great wall of XRP where individual people, projects, companies, and initiatives can obtain a place on the wall and save their logo, name, and initials for future generations. The team will make sure that this wall will live not only in web2 but also in web3 metaverse! Welcome to the future.

Owners of the pixel wall always will be introduced with different benefits such as exclusive lotteries, giveaways, free NFTs etc. Also, the strong development will allow saving the owner's pixels on the blockchain after the launch of XLS-20.

This project is led by the great team of @Millionpixelwall, who is well known in the XRPL community by creating exclusive NFT collections, supporting various charity projects, and helping the XRP community to thrive and develop.

What is the price for the XRP pixels?

We all are early adopters in this incredible XRPL journey, but the fastest people always receive additional benefits. This time- with the pricing per pixel. The limited number of pixels gets more valuable after each sold item. So that the price will increase after each stage of sales, described below.
A total of 900 000 pixels will be on sale as 100 000 pixels are used for the XRP community members.

Up to 20% sales- Price 0,25 XRP per pixel.
20%-60% sales- Price 0,35 XRP per pixel.
65-70% sales- Price 0,40 XRP per pixel.
70-75% sales- Price 0,45 XRP per pixel.
75-80% sales- Price 0,50 XRP per pixel.
80-85% sales- Price 0,55 XRP per pixel.
85-90% sales- Price 0,60 XRP per pixel.
90-95% sales- Price 0,65 XRP per pixel.
95-100% sales- Price 1,00 XRP per pixel.

XRP community Leaders on the pixel wall!

Our XRP community is strong based on the fantastic people who build success together. With this project, we want to thank and praise the list of XRP community backbone who help different projects and initiatives to reach their goals and spread the word of XRP every day! Each of these amazing people will receive a special place on the Million Pixel XRP wall and will be placed in the center of the wall. And you will be next to them! Thank you to our leaders and community! Stronger together!

Million-pixel XRP in the Metaverse!

We all understand that it's a matter of time before the XRPL community will be introduced to the fantastic Metaverse platforms, just like it's widely used in other blockchain environments. People will interact, build, explore and learn, so the team will do everything to be part of this amazing journey and create (migrate) the Million-pixel XRP wall in the Metaverse. It means that your pixel picture or initials will be part of something truly remarkable.
See you in the Metaverse!