How to buy?

Buying and participating has never been so easy!

The team has created a straightforward and transparent checkout form where a client can manually choose the size of pixels, upload pictures, leave the contacts and receive the confirmation via email.
After pressing the BUY button, you must go through 4 easy steps.

Step 1
Choose the size of the pixel which you want to own. The minimum size of the pixel is 100 (10x10), so the minimum buy price in the project start is 100 x 0,25= 25 XRP. The bigger the pixel size you choose- the better view of your picture will be on the pixel wall.
Step 2
Upload your pixelated picture. It can be anything starting from the image or initials. Please see examples here. Together with the image- you must paste the link so the people can click on your pixel image and visit your site, Twitter, Discord, or favorite Youtube video.
Step 3
You must leave your email or other communication channels so our team can contact you if there are any questions. It's essential to leave your email to receive the automatic confirmation email about your order, including a unique order ID.
Step 4
To finish the process, you must make the payment to become an official owner of XRP pixel wall! Follow the instructions, paste the recipient's address carefully, and complete the transaction. You must paste your wallet address in the specified tab for double safety.
As we said- the process is straightforward and transparent!
Your pixel picture and link will be added to the pixel wall within 24h of the purchase time.

Important! Page administration keeps the right to move purchased pictures on the wall at any time without noticing the owner. We must do this to fit all the pixel images on the wall.

This is the official address for the payments- r922FwSjj1FMd5w84zaDcxDzbQmqaStMwj

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.