To create more unique value for the pixel wall owners- we are happy to announce the Million-pixel lottery initiative! All persons who own a place on the pixel wall will always participate in various lotteries. You will be able to win NFTs, tokens, money prizes, and valuable physical products.

The lottery prizes will be gathered from the Million-pixel wall community (projects who own the pixels on the wall). But other prizes will be purchased directly from the projects by the team. This initiative will support the projects who own a place or district on the wall and help promote & sell their great projects faster. We are here to unite and build a community that supports each other and gives a chance to create benefits for all of the XRPL community!

How do we finance the lottery prizes?

We know that great projects from the XRP pixel wall will be able to give prizes for promotional reasons, which is excellent for all of the community (win-win).
To give more to the pixel owners, our team decided to allocate at least 15% of the sales of the pixel wall to the lottery fund. Every new purchase of the pixels on the wall will support this initiative and create the fund for the prizes.
Our team has canceled the charity and XAVE buyback fund (from 14.04), so the generated funds will be allocated to the community lottery prize pool. Our team is happy and thankful to everyone who helped to raise 1316 xrp to the great cause of Ukraine. Also, the 658xrp were used to buy back the XAVE tokens and these tokens will be burned.
We hope to get back to the charity donations very soon, but we have to care for our community to make this something remarkable for everyone. But this will not keep away our XAVE team's private contribution to helping Ukraine.

How will the lottery draw be done?

In each lottery, all owners of the Million-pixel wall will participate the draws. Your chances of winning depend on the size of the pixels you own. You have one lottery ticket if you own 1 square (100 pixels). But if you hold, for example, a 3x3 square picture (900pixels), then you have 9 lottery spots for the draw! It's an excellent chance to win!
Projects with the districts are not participating in the lottery draw so there is more chance for the individual people to win and own valuable NFTs or other prizes.
The RNG (Random number generator) will be used to hold the draw.
More information will follow on our Twitter page.

How often will the lotteries be held?

There is no specific calendar and frequency yet, but we will do everything to organize weekly draws. It will also depend on the community project involvement and sales of the pixel wall.