PIXEL NFT collection

This project is just the beginning! Our goal is to build the most significant value for the community and Million-pixel owners. Soon, we will launch an exclusive pixel NFT collection, which will help to raise funds for various charities and provide valuable collectibles for our community.

Stay tuned about the NFT collection concept, visuals, and unique features.

Purchase at least 1000 pixels (50px X 20px) and receive guaranteed and exclusive NFT from the upcoming NFT collection.

Million-pixel XRP in the Metaverse!

We all understand that it's a matter of time when the XRPL community will be introduced with the fantastic Metaverse platforms, just like it's widely used in other blockchain environments. People will interact, build, explore and learn, so the XAVE team will do everything to be part of this amazing journey and create (migrate) the Million-pixel XRP wall in the Metaverse. It means that your pixel picture or initials will be part of something truly remarkable.
See you in the Metaverse!